Elevated Platforms


ArmorDeck Polymer Composite Transit Boarding Platforms have been in use in transit applications for over 10 years. Lightweight, safe, and durable – engineers have been designing platforms to utilize ArmorDeck panels that not only reduce the critical path scheduling of a project, but also help save money. Coupled with the lower lifecycle costs compared to traditional materials such as concrete and wood, ArmorDeck Transit Boarding Platforms are corrosion resistant and maintenance free.

ArmorDeck Elevated Transit Boarding Platforms are 80% lighter than concrete resulting in a faster, lower cost installation. The monolithic construction of ArmorDeck Elevated Transit Boarding Platforms incorporates a number of features that add value for the contractor, engineer, and the owner. The Interlocking joint and leveling system provides superior alignment and reduces the time spent installing the panels. Integrated tactile/detectable warning surface system provides safety for the visual community alerting passengers of the platform edge.

The aggregate finish and panel can be color matched to suit any station. Manual or automatic retractable edges are available to accommodate shared commuter and freight lines. ArmorDeck Elevated Transit Boarding Platforms typically specified sizes are 36″- 48″ – 60″ width and length varying up to 30′.

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